Another division focuses on custom work. From installing front lips and rear diffusers to full body kits. We also offer complete custom paint jobs and other custom paint work.

Every aftermarket or body kit provider has different ways to make their product which means every customer’s situation is different from the next. In some cases, parts are direct bolt-ons and others require fitting and shaping, nonetheless our number one goal for any custom project is to make it look as if it were a factory option.

  • Front lips/spoilers
  • Rear diffusers
  • Spoilers
  • Side skirts
  • Complete Body kits: Complete body kits require much more work than one might think. There are several different techniques we use but once we have the vehicle and parts in
  • person, we can go over different options.
  • Gap fitting: In some cases we have to create our own gaps by building up each adjacent panel and reshaping the gaps to our satisfaction.
  • Bumpers: Most aftermarket bumpers require some level of fitting and some don’t come with any brackets which require cutting and remounting the OEM brackets and holding points.


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