Meet the BodyCraft OC Team

At BodyCraft OC we strive to make every customer’s experience simple, easy and as stress free as possible. Nate and Jeff (owners) have been buying, fixing and selling cars for many years and they’ve always had a challenge finding a good bodyshop that was reliable, reasonably priced and could turn around work in an acceptable amount of time.

Meet Our Team

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Nat and Jeff

Nate and Jeff


Jeff Horioka has had a passion for cars since he was a small child. He grew up going to car shows and car rallies with his dad and could never get enough of it. After buying, fixing and selling cars for over 6 years, he constantly struggled finding a reputable body shop that could get the repairs done in a reasonable amount of time, that was good quality and for a good price. So Jeff and his brother (Nate) decided to turn their passion for cars into their full time career.

Nate Pratt has a very similar upbringing as Jeff since they are brothers. Nate grew up riding dirt bikes, going to car meets, and tinkering with RC cars. Nate always helped Jeff with flipping cars but being the younger brother, he had to get a corporate job to save up a nest egg. As soon as he could financially make it happen, he entered into business with his brother.

Raul Benitez

Raul has been painting cars since he was an early teen and has over 35 years of experience. He was worked at multiple reputable shops in the Southern California area. His favorite part of what he does is seeing customer’s positive reaction when they pick up their cars.

Victor Tapia

Victor oversees the body and fabrication department and has been working on cars for over 38 years. He’s worked at Mercedes restoration shops, Corvette shops, and has even owned his own repair facility. His favorite part of what he does is finding solutions to difficult repairs.


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